Sunday, May 11, 2008

"The Talibans are Coming! The Talibans Are Coming!!". Is the Fear-mongering about the Taliban the same as the WMD?

A few years ago it was "Saddam is coming! Saddam is Coming (with WMDs to destroy the USA!)".

Now, it is "the Talibans are Coming! the Talibans are Coming!!"

How many innocent people must the USA murder by such lies? How many of our young men and women must die there for the benefit of weapons manufacturers, Oil companies, the Zionists and right-wingers?

Watch this film in which, well respected journalist Bill Moyers speaks with historian Juan Cole and journalist Shahan Mufti.

You will find out that the Fear about the Taliban is a myth. When the western forces destroy their country and kill and maim innocent people, their family members, after seeing their loved ones' cruel deaths,rise up and fight back against America, Canada and other invading countries. They are then labeled as "Talibans". The Zionist media has created such a bad name against the Taliban, in the West, that killing them becomes kosher and acceptable to uninformed masses. Then, it does not matter how many innocent men, women and children are murdered.

"Taliban" is another of the neo-con inventions to scare-monger the American public!

These neo-con fascists have taken control of the USA. They are America's real enemies.


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