Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The government and the compliant media do not want the public to know the truth... Here are some of the "hidden information" from the media and vested interests. The inquiring minds will find much 'intellectual' food for thought here...

1. Eminent Scholars Disprove 911 Official Story
2. Atta's Girl Friend - A Rare Video
3. "Loose Change" Documentary by young students who investigated 911
4. Israel's Hands in 911
5. False-flag operations :"Terror Storm"
6. Who Pulls West's Strings?
7. Seeking the Atom Bomb - Is Iran Guilty as Charged?
8. Who Are the Talibans?
9. Through the Eyes of Imran Khan: Why so many Muslims Hate the USA (OR do they?).

To watch the documentaries above, please scroll down and choose the ones you wish to watch.

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