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Eminent Scholars Disprove 911 Official Version

I often encounter people who are absolutely unaware of the wealth of research on 911 by prominent US scholars which question the official version, accepted blindly by the uninformed masses. Even internet-savvy young people seem not to have heard about the many documentaries and volumes of academic works.

The videos below, in which experts examine 911 evidences shed light on this historic event, which our government wants to keep under the lid. Did you wonder why the mainstream media did not show any of these facts? These videos will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Many scientists, academics and scholars, after poring over and analyzing numerous documents and conducting their own research, have come to the conclusion that Al-Qaeda did not have the expertise to carry out this vastly complex operation, which also required crucial cooperation of various US agencies.

Despite threats and intimidations, these men of conscience could not keep silent and accept the US government's misleading stories. They are speaking out.

Experiments carried out by physicist Dr. Steven E.Jone seem to support the hypothesis that the towers were pre-planted with explosives. This takes a completely new dimension and begs the question as to who was really behind the 911 attacks.

Prof. Jones also proves that the much touted "Ben-Laden confession video" was a fake. Who produced this fake video and for what purpose? Most inquiring minds want to know the truth behind 911, but the media has surrendered its duty of asking tough questions, and instead, has been parroting the administration's yet unproven story.

Be patient! This is a little over 2 hrs long. If you are an 'inquiring mind', you will be rewarded with information the media has hidden from you.

A SIDE NOTE on Mohamed Atta - he is briefly mentioned in this video; in another video, Atta's girl friend, blows away the false story spread by the media that he was the 'leader' of the 911 attack. According to his girl friend, Atta was a hard drinking, drug taking, low life person - quite the opposite of the religious fundamentalists of Al-Qaeda. There are indications that he may have been training to fly the plane as a drug smuggler working for the CIA and or Mossad. Watch the video below. Listen to what his girl friend has to say and then think if Ata could be the Al-Qaeda type of strict Muslim.

Prof. Steve E.Jones is a Co-Founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth.He is a Professor of Physics at 30,000-student Brigham Young University in Provo , Utah. His Ph.D research was performed at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in California and his Ph.D is from Vanderbilit University. During his 28-year career as a physicist, his research has centered on fusion and solar energy as well as archaeometry (the application of physics methods to archaeology). He has taught graduate-level archaeometry at BYU, and he says this work in particular prepared him for studies of evidences of possible foul-play at the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001

Atta's girl Friend:

There are several great documentaries. The Loose Change is one of them. A Must view film.

How about Israel's hand in the 911 Attack? We now know that the 1st WTC attack (in 1993) was masterminded by the MOSSAD and the FBI.

So, did Israel have a hand in the 2nd attack of 911 too?

Below are CNN videos which have disappeared from CNN's website, but available on the internet. While the CNN is trying hard to Teflon coat Israel, if one watches the clips carefully, one would see more reasons to investigate Israel's involvement than Al-Qaeda's.

Unfortunately, the US government has completely blocked any investigation of Israel's involvement in the crime, the same as it did when it was discovered that it was Israel which bombed USS Liberty. Those familiar with this terror attack will know that Israel attacked USS Liberty to implicate Egypt, expecting the US to destroy Egypt, but fortunately for Egypt the culprit was discovered soon enough. No such luck with 911. The real criminals are safe. Arabs and Muslims are bearing the brunt of U.S. blind reaction. Many millions have lost their lives.

Several terror attacks blamed on Arabs and Muslims were later found to be the handiwork of Israel (as documented by the former MOSSAD agent Victor Ostrovsky in his book By Way of Deception). But the Muslims continue to suffer the consequences, while Israel is on the loose to carry out more such deceptive attacks.

CIA was also involved in such False-flag operations. If you want knowledge, you need to invest your time. To see examples of False-flag operations, see the video "Terror Storms" below (towards the end).

Arabs have been blamed for the 911 attack, without an open, unbiased, independent and trust-worthy investigation. As we dislike Muslims being blamed for a crime they may have not committed, we also dislike Jews being accused of a crime without absolute evidence. In the absence of a fair and just investigation, we are compelled to dig out the truth. These videos help to see the information the US regime and the complicit media have hidden from the masses.
Here is Part 1 of 4:

Here is Part 2 of 4:

Here is Part 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4:

CNN VIDEO: "1 in 3 Americans Believe 911 was an Inside Job, According to Recent Polls.... " CNN tries hard to discredit those who believe Israel was behind 911,with the usual allegation of "Antisemitism"...
Without an open and independent inquiry nothing can be ruled out or ruled in...

If your appetite for truth about 911 has been whetted, here are some eye-opening videos on the Demolition of the World Trade Center Towers. Click Here.

False-flag operations : "TERROR STORM"by Alex James.

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